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"Officially the work was great! I was very pleased with the expertise. John explained everything he was doing from showing me each element and why he thought they needed to be changed and to showing me again when a new one was purchased, just so I could see the difference. On top of it all, to try and help prevent it from happening again, he cleaned out as much of the calcium on the bottom of the tank. There had to have been a good 4 inches of build-up!
I really appreciate his service and the quick response time from RMS!"

            — Kelly Dobyns Ziegler, homeowner, 4/6/12


"Rodney was very thorough during the PM [planned maintenance] visit, and I feel good about what he did!"

           — Michael, Olive Garden general manager, 3/22/12


"Seth was very knowledgeable, very helpful, and he did a great job!"

            — Denise, homeowner, 3/20/12


"Mike did a great job and everything was excellent. We'll definitely recommend you guys!"

            — Chad, homeowner, 3/9/12


"John managed to do in an hour what two other plumbers weren't able to do in a day, so I'm really happy!"

            — Jerry, facilities manager, 3/8/12


"Rodney did an excellent job! He came right out and got the job done."

            — Joe, Wendy's general manager, 2/15/12


"We're very pleased with Mark. He did a good job and he did it quickly."

            — April, assisted living center manager, 2/6/12


"Your technician did a good job and had a lot to teach me, I would recommend him."

            — Jesse, homeowner, 1/23/12


"The work went really great. Chad was really nice!"

            — Pedro, Papa John's manager, 1/13/12


"Rodney can walk on water! Everything works great!"

            — Debbie, supermarket owner, 1/5/12


"Your technician was amazing, fast, courteous, friendly, efficient. We're just thrilled. It's so nice to have someone we can trust on our team. RMS is very responsive. We've been really, really happy with everyone sent out; all the time I hear employees say how happy they've been since we've switched!"

            — Jane, restaurant owner, 12/3/10 and 1/13/11


"John was super nice, very polite, we were so happy!"

            — Kyle, facilities director, 12/3/10


"Your guy did awesome job! We were in a tight spot and he helped out, we're definitely using RMS for all mechanical needs from now on."

            — John, restaurant GM, 12/9/10


"Brad came in and did a really good job. I'm so pleased with everything since the install, really happy."

           — Andrew, residential customer, 12/21/10


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"Your technician was phenomenal, and I am past pleased.  It is a blessing for me to have the level of professionalism, as well as knowledge.  He was clean, very respectful of our home.  He represented your company so well!"

— Sue, Residential Customer